Brennan Brides 5 Orphaned by Caty Callahan | Adventures romance for young adults

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Brennan Brides 5 Orphaned by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with action and adventure

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Chester Brennan does everything Maggie asks of him, including moving his entire life to Seattle. Then right there on Lottery Field she dumps him and runs off with another man. Now he’s married to a stranger and even though she’s nice, she’s not Maggie.

Hope Cummings is all alone after her grandma dies. One Christmas alone is enough to get her into the lottery. But she never expected to be hitched to a man in love with another woman. After a month living together, she’s hopelessly in love with Chester and he’s still in love with Maggie. When she meets his family, she falls in love with them too. That’s when she realizes her husband is never going to love her.

A wife on the run. The husband desperately trying to find her. Two people who meet and marry by chance are about to become each other’s happily ever after.