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Brennan Brides 1 Escape by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with action and adventure

Brennan Brides 1: Escape

Becca Murphy just happens to be visiting Blue Mountain City on Lottery Day when a tall, dark, and handsome Brennan says he’s entering the lottery. She can’t get to Lottery Field fast enough. Too late, she discovers it was a joke and Gage Brennan never really intended on entering. Now she’s married to a dangerous mountain man with two adorable kids and one psychotic one.

Gage Brennan knows Jethro Anders has a short fuse, but he also knows he can’t judge a neighbor, no matter how much Becca Murphy begs. When Becca disappears for a week then reappears covered in bruises, he knows he made a mistake. But Becca won’t leave without those kids and Jethro just might kill her for trying.

A mother plotting a daring escape. A Brennanmen trying to do the right thing. A serial killer is about to come between two people who belong together.

Brennan Brides 2 Judgment by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with action and adventure

Brennan Brides 2: Judgment

Cat McCann has waited eighteen years to enter the lottery again, terrified of witnessing another Lottery Day shooting. Instead, a Brennanmen arrives with his girlfriend, but marries Cat instead. Now his girlfriend’s relatives are beating him up and breaking his bones. Worse, she’s falling in love with him which will surely make them kill him.

Caleb Brennan never thought he’d see Cat McCann again then suddenly there she is on his wedding day. So he marries her. But that brings a world of hatred down upon them.

A girl. A bear. A bat. A tragedy about to unfold.

Brennan Brides 3 Race by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with action and adventure

Brennan Brides 3: Race

No man in Bridgefield is the least bit interested in Hannah Boyd, thanks to her sister Sarah who is three times divorced. So when a horse race combination treasure hunt comes to town and the winner gets to go first in the lottery, she enters as a man. She never expected her size to be a problem, but as a man she looks way too young and small to be lottery age.

Connor Brennan is assigned to look after the runts in the race and that’s how he meets Hank Boyd. The kid is way too small to be lottery age, but determined to finish the race. Something about Hank gets under Connor’s skin and not just because of the race. He likes him. He likes him a lot.

In the middle of a horse race, Connor Brennan is about to find his bride. He just doesn’t know she’s a woman yet.

Brennan Brides 4 Outbreak by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with action and adventure

Brennan Brides 4: Outbreak

In the viral labs of San Francisco Hospital, Dr. Kane Larson is creating a virus that will bring on the next apocalypse.

Ryan Brennan never expected to fall in love or get hitched. Then he meets a gorgeous brunette with dark brandy eyes and he’s sold. But things get rocky when she finds out he’s a Brennan.

Marissa Black has no intention of marrying forty year-old Kane Larson, the most influential man in San Francisco. So weeks before the lottery, she runs, straight into the arms of a gorgeous blond, not realizing he’s a Brennanmen.

A woman with abandonment issues. A man who’s constantly leaving. A runaway bride is about to discover her Brennanmen husband is the only one who can save her.