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Brennan Brides 3 Race | Sweet Christian romantic suspense novels for young adults

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In the middle of a horse race, Connor Brennan is about to find his bride. He just doesn't know she's a woman yet.

After his girlfriend Allison marries someone else in the lottery, Connor Brennan thinks he'll never fall in love again. Five years later, he's in a horse race shadowing the youngest entrants when he falls in love for the second time. With Hank Boyd. A guy. Now he's more confused than ever. When they encounter thieves and murderers, he learns the meaning of true love.

In a post-apocalyptic world where there is no government, men by the last name of Brennan represent the only justice. Reverently referred to as Brennanmen, they are tied by kin, guided by honor, and fueled by a need for justice.

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